What Does Google Want From Us?

google algorithmThere have been many Google updates recently. In fact, Google has over 200 updates every year many of which stay unnoticeable by most webmasters. However, besides minor updates, Google also has 2-4 significant updates every year that result in some sites losing their rankings, and even some being entirely dropped out from Google search. So what is Google trying to achieve?

Think of Google as a service. Every business tries to provide their customers with the best service and Google is not the exception. The primary purpose of a search engine is to provide people with the best information regarding a particular topic. Google does it by listing various web pages depending on their relevancy (on-page SEO) and popularity (off-page SEO).

As you understand it’s not a manual process, people create millions if not billions of searches per month. Google is a robot that calculates the chances of each site/page being displayed for a particular search query. Webmasters call it Google Algorithm. Nobody knows exactly how it works, but some have an understanding good enough to have their sites ranking number 1.

There is substantial evidence that certain factors have a significant effect on the rank of the website, as explained here. Google wants to give people the best information about any topic. To get a deeper understanding of what exactly Google wants from us let’s try to define “THE BEST”regarding website building.

To make it easier to follow, let’s try to imagine how “THE BEST” home improvement website would be like. First of all, it would have hundreds of articles and advice about home improvement to cover all aspects associated with it. So, the website has to have many articles related to the niche. Next, people that go on the site would spend a good amount of time reading various articles and flipping through pages and sharing information. So, the website has to have very high quality, engaging articles that would make people want to spend time reading them. In fact, they have to be so good, that people would want to share your website on social networks and their blogs. The website also has to have a structure that would encourage people to go to different pages and read more than 1 article every time they visit. Lastly, the website would be referenced on other major niche websites because those major players would see your website as the best source of information. A website like this would be titled to be “THE BEST.”

While waiting to get backlinks naturally can be very annoying, providing your readers with very high quality and engaging content is something that can be done. Not only will you get loyal readers’ base and higher conversions, but you will also gain some valuable backlinks and perhaps make some useful connections with people from the industry who would promote your website for free.

While small, 1-page websites can still be seen ranking here and there, the way that Google is headed gives me a feeling that the size of the site and on-site interaction is becoming increasingly essential and soon will be one of the leading factors for ranking websites. Another great thing about building big websites is that you don’t have to money and your time for buying and setting up new site each time.

In conclusion, I want to say that while small websites can still give you short-term income, now it’s a good time to start working on a more prominent niche authority site. While it will require more work to get traffic and take a longer time to make money, there are fewer chances of all your hard work being washed down the drain by another update from Google.

Watch this video where Matt Cutts gives necessary information about how Google Search Engine decides what pages to display for which searches: