RankerX Review And How It Compares to FCSN


RIP FCS NetworkerIt’s with great sadness that I confirm hereby the death of FCS Networker. The developer simply stopped updating it as much and as a result success rates came down crashing. RIP… BUT

The good news is that I found another great link building software that I think you might like just as much (I surely do!). With great honors I introduce to you – RankerX.


RankerX is all in one link building tool that can build links on high quality websites. It can be safely used to build links for all tiers and it comes with tons of features to make link building process as automated and as effective as possible.


RankerX Review


What Makes It Even Better?


1. It comes with a much larger database. Over 250 premium sites plus over 1600 other sites with DA over 30. (FCSN came with just over 80 premium sites.)

2. It supports more platforms. Get backlinks from web 2.0 and forum profiles, social bookmarking and networking sites, article directories and wikis, PDF and press release sites, and Google Places sites. (FCSN only supported web 2.0s, social bookmarking, social networking and PDF sites.)

3. The application gets constant script updates which means that success rate is always very high (just like FCSN in good old days). I usually get anywhere between 85% and 95%.

4. It is a web-based software. This means that it doesn’t slow your computer down while it’s at work. (only FCSN’s submitter was web-based. The account creator was computer based.) It also mean that it can be used on any device. Heck, you can even create backlinks on the go using just your phone!


Not much changed in terms of how I utilize RankerX comparing to FCSN, except that I also use it to build lots of tier 2 links. You can find all information in this post I published back in the days.


There is one thing I want to warn you about… Get to know this application first. I found that interface is not as user friendly as FCSN so there is a little bit of the learning curve. But software itself is SOLID and I think that’s all that matters. Try it our for 7 days free!


RankerX Highlights


  • Creates accounts on over 1850 websites – many with DA50+
  • Runs with very high success rates – on average over 90%
  • Includes link scheme designer – helps to create layouts of linking campaigns
  • Allows to schedule link building as far ahead as you like
  • Can be used to manage Private Blog Network
  • Compatible with proxies and CAPTCHA services – supports Google re-CAPTCHA
  • Built-in integration with 3rd party services – content creators, spinners, indexing services
  • Create and manage separate batches of content and links for each niche



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