Proxy Providers

proxy providersIf you are building a lot of links, then you need proxies. Good proxies will hide your real IP behind another IP address to protect your identity and let you access restricted websites (country restrictions for example). Building many backlinks from the same IP can get you blacklisted, and your backlinks might get deleted. Therefore proxies are essential for everyone who is involved in SEO!

There are 2 types of proxies – shared and private. In general, private proxies are much more preferable than shared ones. Buying private proxies means that you are the only person using them while buying shared ones implies that someone else is also using them. Private proxies provide much more security and speed, but they also come with a much higher price tag. Shared proxies are suitable for mass link building and scraping while private ones are good for creating quality backlinks.

Squid proxies

squid proxies reviewThis service is one of the most reliable providers of private and shared proxies with an outstanding track record. Every package includes non-sequential proxies from multiple cities and multiple sub-nets to ensure high quality, uninterrupted connection.

There are no setup fees of any kind, so you just pay for proxies themselves on a monthly basis. Packages for private ones start from 10 proxies at $2.40 for each and go up to 2,000 proxies for just $0.75 each, plus there are 7 more packages to choose from. The more you buy, the cheaper it gets on per proxy basis. Packages for shared ones start with 100 proxies at $1 each and go up to 5,000 proxies for under $0.65 each.

To get started, just choose a package, fill in your details and wait (usually within few hours) for your proxies to arrive into your account. (Sign Up)

My Private Proxy

my private proxy reviewAll proxies come from 10 data centers located in different parts of US. These proxies are fast and can be used for just regular browsing or for building backlinks and other online marketing purposes.

Private proxy plans range from just 1 proxy for $2.49 up to 1,000 proxies at $1.49 per proxy. Or you can settle for shared proxies with plans ranging from 50 proxies ($1/proxy) and up to 2000 proxies ($0.65/proxy). These are very competitive prices, and the set up is completely free. The performance of these proxies is outstanding with 99.9% uptime!

MPP has an excellent customer support system. Your questions usually get answered within just a few hours. Sign up, and you will receive proxies within 1-2 hours. (Sign Up)

SSL Private Proxy

ssl private proxy reviewThis service provides private and shared proxies and VPNs. They have solutions for every need! They even have highly specialized proxies specifically for Instagram, ticketing, gaming, and posting to classified ads. All private proxies are also guaranteed to work with major social media sites.

Private proxies come in packages ranging from 5 ($15/month) to 1,000 ($1,750/month). At 1,000 Mbps and 99.9% uptime you are sure to get your work done quickly. Proxies themselves are highly anonymous with over 300 subnets from over 30 countries around the world. As with most providers, there are no setup fees.

Shared proxies come in packages from 10 ($11.10/month) to 1,000 ($650/month) which can successfully be used for your SEO purposes, but they don’t guarantee that you will be able to access major social media site.

VPNs come in packages of 1, 5 and 10 cities depending on how much and what you want to do with these VPNs. As with proxies, shared accounts are cheaper than private ones, but private accounts provide much more protection. (Sign Up)