Taking Your SEO To A New Level With FCS Networker And GSA Search Engine Ranker

GSA Search Engine Ranker ReviewAs I mentioned earlier in my comprehensive review of FCS Networker, I use it extensively in my SEO for creating high-quality Tier 1 links and managing my Private Blog Network. However, FCSN is not the only automated tool I use for links creation. My other secret weapon is GSA Search Engine Ranker.

Some of you probably heard of it, but for those who haven’t yet, GSA SER can create backlinks on 100s and even 1000s of sites built on over 500 popular open platforms (No other publicly available software can do this!). It builds links on:

  • article directories
  • social networking sites
  • web 2.0s
  • social bookmarking sites
  • document sharing sites
  • micro-blogging sites
  • video sharing sites
  • guest books
  • wikis
  • forums

Plus it can create links from comments, trackbacks, pingbacks and few other secret sources.

GSA SER has been created to compete with other famous IM backlinking software like Senuke XCR, Ultimate Demon, Magic Submitter and such. GSA can submit to many more different types of websites than all its competitors. But the best part is the price! You can get it for a one-time payment of just $99 while other software go for much higher – Senuke XCR $147/month, Ultimate Demon $47/month or $397, Magic Submitter $67/month.

There are few other ones that cost less but have a horrible success rate for creating accounts and links. That’s because many of those software don’t get updated, while creators of GSA SER update it on a regular basis.

Here is how the software works. It comes with some websites built into the system so you can start creating backlinks right away. First, you fill in all the information needed for the accounts (account information) and backlink creation (ex. article). The spin text is allowed in both to minimize any footprints. Then, you choose websites you want to build links on. Lastly, you click a button that will create accounts and create backlinks. At this point, you just sit back and watch GSA do all the work!

GSA has all options of other similar software like the support of spin text, proxy support, setting up for tiered linking, etc. plus added ability to submit to many more different platforms than its competitors and a low, one-time price, making it by far the best mass backlinking software on the market.

GSA Search Engine Ranker is perfect for diversifying your backlinking profile which is very important as I explained in my article here. I also use it for creating tier 2 and 3 links to index my tier 1 links and get more link juice.

Now lets me explain how I use GSA in combination with FCS Networker. As you read from my review, FCS Networker can only create accounts on sites that are built into the system. Although you cannot just scrape a bunch of web properties and create accounts with the FCSN, you can import accounts made on one of the following platforms (these platforms are supported by FCSN): PHPfox, Mediawiki, Elgg, Jcow, and Dolphin. What I do is I create accounts on these platforms using my good old GSA Ranker and import them into FCS Networker.

Why not just get GSA SER then? GSA is a great tool but it can’t build links on quality sites like FCS Networker. I like how easily I can stay organized with all my accounts using FCSN, so instead of using GSA to create backlinks, I use FCSN. By now I have a pretty robust network of sites in few niches which I update regularly and generate quality backlinks to.

I use GSA to create links on some high-quality websites that are not supported by FCS Networker but mainly I use it to build tier 2 and 3 backlinks and for creating accounts for FCS Networker.

GSA Search Engine Ranker has been a part of my arsenal for quite some time. The best part is that it’s a one-time payment of just $99. Ever since I combined its powers with FCS Networker, my Google rankings have been improving at a faster rate. Just remember to use this tool responsibly, DON’T SPAM! 😀