FCS Networker Review – Ultimate SEO Tool

In this review of FCS Networker, you will learn about what this application can do and how it can help you to rank websites.

FCS Networker is a link building and link management software that lets you create backlinks on web 2.0s, social networking, social bookmarking and document sharing sites. Sounds like an average link building tool?

main pointsNot quite! One thing that entirely sets it apart from its competitors is the supported websites. Account creator supports over 80 sites. Web-based submission tool supports over 110 custom sites plus an unlimited number of sites built on most popular open platforms. You can see some of them HERE. No other automated software can create links on this many high MOZ DA/PA and Majestic TF/CF sites, top quality and high traffic sites.

FCSN is not just a backlink-building software, but equally important an effective SEO campaign management tool that keeps you well organized and super efficient.

It’s one of the very few backlinking software that lets you build safe tier 1 links. I have been using it since the beginning of 2013 and never had any of my sites penalized because of it. The tool gets continuously updated to include more sites and to make sure that success rate for creating accounts and submitting your content is close to 100%.

The whole system comes in 2 parts. Part 1 is a computer-based account creator, and Part 2 is a web-based submission tool. So, I divided my review into 2 parts – Video #1 will review the account creator and Video #2 will discuss the submission tool. With no further waste of time, click the play button and watch my first video where I will be showing you all power of the account creator.


  • Creates accounts on top Web 2.0s, Document Sharing, and Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Creates multiple accounts on each website in 1 run
  • Automatically creates and verifies emails
  • Automatically sends all created accounts to a web-based submission tool
  • Compatible with proxies and CAPTCHA services


  • Create our blog titles and descriptions
  • Set delay for auto email verification to 300 (maximum)
  • Do account creation in 2 runs – 1st fully automatic, 2nd semi-automatic
  • First run – use CAPTCHA service, set retry limits to 2, running thread 3-5, let the software do everything – it will create accounts on 85% of websites
  • The second run – do CAPTCHAs manually, set retry limits to 5, running thread to 1 – your success rate will go up to 95% plus
  • Some confirmation emails might go to the junk folder. FCS Networker can’t confirm those So after the whole process is over, head over to the email account and verify those manually

This account creator alone is worth all the money but wait until you see the power of web-based submission tool. Click on the play button and watch me go through all options of the submission tool. Already convinced? Then GET IT HERE NOW.


  • Organize your blogs by category
  • Various ways to get content ready for the submission
  • Multiple ways to make each submission unique – spinning, mashing, blurbs
  • Ability to insert images and videos into your content automatically
  • Different linking options
  • Drip feeding option
  • Free Link Indexer
  • Free Content Generators
  • Over 70 SEO tools to help you
  • Access to private SEO forum

There are no best practices when it comes to submissions. Options you choose will depend on whether you are building tier 1, tier 2 or tier 3 links. The basic guideline is if you are creating quality links for tier 1 then get original articles or have one manually spun, add blurbs, insert images and videos, have links embedded within the content and have your submissions drip-fed at a steady rate. If you are creating tier 2 or 3 links, you can lower the standards for each of the above.

One thing that makes this tool an “Ultimate” one is its integration with other favorite SEO tools and services – link building tools, content creation and spinning software and backlinks indexing services.

In conclusion, I just want to say thanks to the creators of FCS Networker. The tool is fantastic and I use it extensively in my backlinking campaigns! My sites’ rankings have been going up because now I can drip high-quality feed links on a daily basis. It also freed up a lot of my time which I use to do other types of backlinking.

You can get a copy of FCS Networker HERE and test drive it for 7 days to see how it performs. You can choose from 4 packages: Starter, Professional, Power, and Elite. The difference is in the number submissions you are allowed to make per month and the number of keywords you are allowed to track.

If you buy the software through this site, you can lock in your subscription at a discount ($17 VS $19 for Starter; $27 VS $34 for Professional, $39 VS $49 for Power and $74 VS $89 for Elite). No coupon code needed, the prices are automatically reduced. Besides the reduction in price, you will also receive my exclusive $1355 bonus package with the purchase.