Content Spinning Tools

Content spinning is a technique of creating multiple unique articles from the same material. This method of content creation is prevalent in SEO. While you can do it manually, there are many software to assist you with this task.

Here are 4 tools that are supported by FCSN and that can also be used with GSA.

The Best Spinner

the best spinner reviewThe Best Spinner has proven itself to be one of the best spinners over the years. It has been recommended by many bloggers and forum users for one simple reason – it does its job well. Besides regular spinning, it’s packed with other premium features including phrase/sentence rewriting, grammar checker, multiple language support, content distribution options, etc.

I use spun articles on all of my tiers. While I create lots of tier 1 backlinks with original content, at times, I also use spun content. I do spinning for my tier 1 manually and this is where TBS is a really big helper. Having said that it also does a decent job when using auto-spin function.

The price is just $47/year, and you get tons of PLR articles and images as a bonus with your purchase. TBS receives continuously updates with many new features being added on a regular basis.

Side Note: Now is it the “BEST” spinner? Yes and No. If you are looking at price/functionality perspective than YES, TBS has the best value no doubt about that. On the other hand, some other spinning software are more powerful, but then those cost significantly more as well. (Sign Up)


wordai reviewWordAI is by far the most advanced spinning solutions available on the market. Its popularity has increased dramatically over the last year as more and more professional marketers use it to spin and rewrite content.

The software uses artificial intelligence to understand the concept of the article to make sure only proper synonyms are used. Besides understanding each word, it also recognizes how it interacts with other words in the sentence. It’s able to spin content on word, phrase, sentence and even paragraph levels. WordAI can also automatically create titles for articles based on its understanding of those articles and has support for English, French, Spanish and Italian languages.

Of course, a product of high quality like this also comes with a heftier price tag at $49.95/month or $347/year. It seems expensive, but if you pay for the whole year, the price becomes only $28.92/month. As you can see, the developer encourages people to pay for a year in advance.

Side Note: If you are just a newbie then, to be honest, WordAI might not be for you. When you pay so much money, you should know your plan of action. This software is perfect for those who need a lot of content for their money sites and backlinks. (Sign Up)

Spin Rewriter

spin rewriter reviewThis software gets advertised on favorite internet marketing blogs, forums and through ads. Is it all just hype or is it as powerful as it’s advertised?

Spin Rewriter does a pretty decent job rewriting and spinning articles. Spun content is reasonably readable although at times you might need to change a few things. The software can understand the meaning of words based on a given sentence and besides replacing synonyms of single words, it can also rewrite/restructure sentences and whole paragraphs.

The good news is that you can run Spin Rewriter on all operating systems – Windows, Linux and Mac. The software is fairly affordable and you can choose to pay $37 monthly, $77 yearly or get a lifetime subscription for a lump sum of $497. In my opinion the best deal is to pay yearly especially if you are on a tighter budget. (Sign Up)

Spinner Chief

spinner chief reviewI was quite impressed by its functionality and must say it does a great job spinning and re-writing content. In some ways it even exceeds the other similar products.

3 things differentiate this software from similar products (with the same prices). First, this software has a web version so you can run this product on any computer. Second, is supports over 20 languages. Third, you get Content Bomb software with your purchase that fully integrates into Spinner Chief. Content Bomb is a content scrapes and submitter that can post articles on articles directories, Blogger and WordPress blogs.

The software is packed with features and technologies. These technologies understand the meaning of words and sentences to create quality spins. It also has built-in spelling and grammar check, and a batch spin feature which helps in spinning a batch of hundreds or even thousands of articles at once!

There is also some great news about the price. You can get SpinnerChief for a onetime payment! No more monthly or yearly fees. There are 3 versions: free ($0), Elite ($127 one time payment) and Ultimate ($197 one time payment or $77/year). (Sign Up)