Content Creation Tools

Creating content can be a pain especially when you need hundreds of articles. Writing it yourself takes too long, and outsourcing is way too expensive. Fortunately, there are content creation tools that can solve both of these problems. 2 such services are supported by FCSNetworker.

I use both. My choice usually depends on the task at hand. I use Article Builder to create the high quality tier 1 links and get ideas for my money site articles. I use Kontent Machine to generate content for lower quality mass tier 1 links and higher tiers.

Kontent Machine

kontent machine reviewThe software produces articles which we are unable to create ourselves efficiently. It generates link building content which is good enough to pass Google filters and get your backlinks indexed.

You can get your content ready in just 3 steps – choose your keyword(s), set desired quality level and determine what kind of spinner to use. It can create the unlimited amount of articles on virtually any topic. On top of that, it can also add videos and pictures to your content, generate unique author bios, insert links any way you want and so much more.

Kontent Machine can be used on all tiers. Better quality comes with lower uniqueness levels and vice-versa which means that lower quality articles are more heavily spun. Use higher quality but lower uniqueness for your tier 1 backlinking campaigns. As you go further up to tier 2, 3 and 4, use lower quality standards to get higher uniqueness. I always use it for my GSA campaigns.

You can purchase KM for $357 onetime payment, or you can subscribe for $37/month. It was a great investment for me considering its power and how many articles it can generate. (Sign Up)

Article Builder

article builder reviewWhen it comes to creating content for high quality tier 1 links and in some cases even for my money sites, I use Article Builder. This software builds unique content out of thousands of articles available all over the internet by mixing and matching sentences and paragraphs.

Using Article Builder is very easy and the set up only involves 3 steps. 1 – select your topic from one of the categories, 2 – enter your keyword(s), 3 – choose how many words you need in the article. That’s it! Just press the button and get your articles! You will have readable, decent quality content in a matter of seconds.

I usually use Article Builder to generate ideas for my money site content, and for quality tier 1 properties. The software can create articles with introductions, conclusions, headings and subheadings making article very unique. On average, you will get articles with 75-90% uniqueness level. This is a good tool to use for your tier 1 FCSN web 2.0 network.

Article Builder only costs $197 per year which turns out to be only $0.54 per day. Just imagine how much money you can save! (Sign Up)