SEO Tools

Proxy Providers

proxy providersIf you are building a lot of links, then you need proxies. Good proxies will hide your real IP behind another IP address to protect your identity and let you access restricted websites (country restrictions for example). Building many backlinks from the same IP can get you blacklisted, and your backlinks might get deleted. Therefore proxies are essential for everyone who is involved in SEO!

There are 2 types of proxies – shared and private. In general, private proxies are much more preferable than shared ones. Buying private proxies means that you are the only person using them while buying shared ones implies that someone else is also using them. Private proxies provide much more security and speed, but they also come with a much higher price tag. Shared proxies are suitable for mass link building and scraping while private ones are good for creating quality backlinks.

Squid proxies

squid proxies reviewThis service is one of the most reliable providers of private and shared proxies with an outstanding track record. Every package includes non-sequential proxies from multiple cities and multiple sub-nets to ensure high quality, uninterrupted connection.

There are no setup fees of any kind, so you just pay for proxies themselves on a monthly basis. Packages for private ones start from 10 proxies at $2.40 for each and go up to 2,000 proxies for just $0.75 each, plus there are 7 more packages to choose from. The more you buy, the cheaper it gets on per proxy basis. Packages for shared ones start with 100 proxies at $1 each and go up to 5,000 proxies for under $0.65 each.

To get started, just choose a package, fill in your details and wait (usually within few hours) for your proxies to arrive into your account. (Sign Up)

My Private Proxy

my private proxy reviewAll proxies come from 10 data centers located in different parts of US. These proxies are fast and can be used for just regular browsing or for building backlinks and other online marketing purposes.

Private proxy plans range from just 1 proxy for $2.49 up to 1,000 proxies at $1.49 per proxy. Or you can settle for shared proxies with plans ranging from 50 proxies ($1/proxy) and up to 2000 proxies ($0.65/proxy). These are very competitive prices, and the set up is completely free. The performance of these proxies is outstanding with 99.9% uptime!

MPP has an excellent customer support system. Your questions usually get answered within just a few hours. Sign up, and you will receive proxies within 1-2 hours. (Sign Up)

SSL Private Proxy

ssl private proxy reviewThis service provides private and shared proxies and VPNs. They have solutions for every need! They even have highly specialized proxies specifically for Instagram, ticketing, gaming, and posting to classified ads. All private proxies are also guaranteed to work with major social media sites.

Private proxies come in packages ranging from 5 ($15/month) to 1,000 ($1,750/month). At 1,000 Mbps and 99.9% uptime you are sure to get your work done quickly. Proxies themselves are highly anonymous with over 300 subnets from over 30 countries around the world. As with most providers, there are no setup fees.

Shared proxies come in packages from 10 ($11.10/month) to 1,000 ($650/month) which can successfully be used for your SEO purposes, but they don’t guarantee that you will be able to access major social media site.

VPNs come in packages of 1, 5 and 10 cities depending on how much and what you want to do with these VPNs. As with proxies, shared accounts are cheaper than private ones, but private accounts provide much more protection. (Sign Up)

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Content Creation Tools

Creating content can be a pain especially when you need hundreds of articles. Writing it yourself takes too long, and outsourcing is way too expensive. Fortunately, there are content creation tools that can solve both of these problems. 2 such services are supported by FCSNetworker.

I use both. My choice usually depends on the task at hand. I use Article Builder to create the high quality tier 1 links and get ideas for my money site articles. I use Kontent Machine to generate content for lower quality mass tier 1 links and higher tiers.

Kontent Machine

kontent machine reviewThe software produces articles which we are unable to create ourselves efficiently. It generates link building content which is good enough to pass Google filters and get your backlinks indexed.

You can get your content ready in just 3 steps – choose your keyword(s), set desired quality level and determine what kind of spinner to use. It can create the unlimited amount of articles on virtually any topic. On top of that, it can also add videos and pictures to your content, generate unique author bios, insert links any way you want and so much more.

Kontent Machine can be used on all tiers. Better quality comes with lower uniqueness levels and vice-versa which means that lower quality articles are more heavily spun. Use higher quality but lower uniqueness for your tier 1 backlinking campaigns. As you go further up to tier 2, 3 and 4, use lower quality standards to get higher uniqueness. I always use it for my GSA campaigns.

You can purchase KM for $357 onetime payment, or you can subscribe for $37/month. It was a great investment for me considering its power and how many articles it can generate. (Sign Up)

Article Builder

article builder reviewWhen it comes to creating content for high quality tier 1 links and in some cases even for my money sites, I use Article Builder. This software builds unique content out of thousands of articles available all over the internet by mixing and matching sentences and paragraphs.

Using Article Builder is very easy and the set up only involves 3 steps. 1 – select your topic from one of the categories, 2 – enter your keyword(s), 3 – choose how many words you need in the article. That’s it! Just press the button and get your articles! You will have readable, decent quality content in a matter of seconds.

I usually use Article Builder to generate ideas for my money site content, and for quality tier 1 properties. The software can create articles with introductions, conclusions, headings and subheadings making article very unique. On average, you will get articles with 75-90% uniqueness level. This is a good tool to use for your tier 1 FCSN web 2.0 network.

Article Builder only costs $197 per year which turns out to be only $0.54 per day. Just imagine how much money you can save! (Sign Up)

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Backlink Indexing

backlink indexingIndexed links are those links that have been found by search engines. Non-indexed links are those links that search engine doesn’t know about yet. Before your backlinks get indexed, no matter how powerful, they will not boost your rankings! For any search engine: non-indexed link = non-existent link.

Depending on the quality of your links, some of them will get indexed naturally while others will need an extra “push.” Although there are some tactics to get links indexed, the best and the most efficient way is by using backlink indexing services. FCS Networker supports 4 such great services:

Instant Link Indexer

instant link indexer reviewInstant Link Indexer is one of the most talked about services today. Some links get indexed in minutes with a lot more to follow within next 24 hours. Over 80% of your links will be indexed after just 7 days. (This is also my top choice to use with GSA SER)

The service allows you to create unlimited campaigns, submit unlimited URLs and schedule links for up to 30 days ahead. You can also get a real-time progress report that shows how many backlinks have been processed and indexed.

Packages start with “Starter” that can process up to 500 links/day for $13.77/month. Altogether they offer 8 packages that go all the way up to 50,000 links/day for $47.77/month. If you need a bigger subscription, you can order a custom one to fit your needs. (Sign Up)

One Hour Indexing

one hour indexing reviewOne Hour Indexing is another popular service that has been recommended by many. About 15% of your links will get indexed within 1 hour and overall indexing rate of 80%

Using the services is very easy: gather your backlinks, submit them to the dashboard and that’s all! Everything else will be done automatically for you. The service features link drip feeding and timely link reports.

Packages start from $17/month for up to 1,000 backlinks/day and go all the way up to $497/month to process staggering 200,000 backlinks/day. Other subscriptions are $47 and $97 per month for 10,000 and 30,000 daily processed links. (Sign Up)

Express Indexer Solutions

express indexer reviewThere is a lot to love about this service with low prices, super results! It uses advanced pinging techniques and private blog network to get the job done. While you will see some of your link indexed within first few days, it will take up to 14-16 days to take full effect.

Using Express Indexer is very easy. Just submit your links into your account, and everything else will be taken care of. Two things make this service to stand out: no daily submission limits and cumulative credits.

The packages start with 15,000 links/month for $16.99/month and go all the way up to whopping 1,000,000 links/month for $48.99/month. Of course, if you need even more credits, you can always contact them to get a custom package made just for you. (Sign Up)

The Incredible Indexer

the incredible indexer reviewAt this moment it is unclear whether they are still in business or not.

The service is full of secrets, but at the end of the day, it does its job very well. With indexing rates at 50-60%, the service indexes many of your links as soon as they get processed.

Many indexing services use pinging and tiered linking to “make” Google and other search engines to notice your backlinks. The Incredible Indexer claims to use completely different methods of indexing links which don’t include building tiers.

The packages offered through the service are uniqueell. They start at $25/month for 100,000 links/day. That’s staggering 3 million links/month! The other option is 200,000 links/day for just $48/month.

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Captcha Solving

captcha solvingCAPTCHA is a short test for the purpose of distinguishing robots from humans. Most of the websites supported by FCS Networker and GSA Search Engine Ranker use CAPTCHAs at the registration point.

FCSN account creator supports 5 different CAPTCHA solving solutions, and there are at least 3 main reasons to sign up right away:

1. It automates things. Make account creation process genuinely automated.

2. It saves time. Cut your account registration time by more than half.

3. It is cheap. Pay a fraction of a penny for 1 correctly solved CAPTCHA.

Top 3 Choices:

2chaptcha review2Captcha – this service uses 100% manual labor. It can solve even the most complicated types of CAPTCHAs that include pictures, patterns, matching games, etc. Almost 25% of website supported by FCS Networker use these kinds of CAPTCHAs. The average response time is 10 seconds which is a little slower due to use of manual labor. The average price is under $0.75 per 1000 CAPTCHAs making it one of the best deals on the market. If you want to automate the entire process, this service is a must! (Sign Up)

Death By CAPTCHA ReviewDeath By Captcha – this service uses advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) alongside manual labor. The average accuracy is 95% with average response times around 8 seconds. Packages start at $6.95 for 5,000 and go up to $139.00 for 100,000 correctly solved CAPTCHAs. If you plan on solving many CAPTCHAs every month, get higher discounts by signing up for GOLD membership which is $4.95/month. This service provides a great balance between accuracy, response time and price. (Sign Up)

captha sniper reviewCaptcha Sniper – this PC software works by intercepting calls made to popular CAPTCHA services, then solves those images using OCR technology. It supports well over 700 different types of CAPTCHA with many success rates of over 75%. The response times are insanely fast! The best part is that this software is a one-time investment of $97 so you won’t need to pay monthly for solving CAPTCHAs. This is a perfect solution for heavy users! (Buy)

Other 2 Alternatives:

decaptcher reviewDe-Captcher – this service is run wholly by OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Developers continuously work on creating more advanced forms of this technology to recognize all types of CAPTCHAs. This kind of technology reduces response times to a minimum. The price is $2 per 1000 CAPTCHAs with a minimum deposit of $10. (Sign Up)

bypass captcha reviewBypass Captcha – this is another service that uses manual labor to solve CAPTCHAs. One thing that sets this service apart is its focus on easy integration with 3rd party applications making it a perfect choice for developers. Packages start at $14 for 2,000 and go up to $630 for 100,000 CAPTCHAs. (Sign Up)

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Content Spinning Tools

Content spinning is a technique of creating multiple unique articles from the same material. This method of content creation is prevalent in SEO. While you can do it manually, there are many software to assist you with this task.

Here are 4 tools that are supported by FCSN and that can also be used with GSA.

The Best Spinner

the best spinner reviewThe Best Spinner has proven itself to be one of the best spinners over the years. It has been recommended by many bloggers and forum users for one simple reason – it does its job well. Besides regular spinning, it’s packed with other premium features including phrase/sentence rewriting, grammar checker, multiple language support, content distribution options, etc.

I use spun articles on all of my tiers. While I create lots of tier 1 backlinks with original content, at times, I also use spun content. I do spinning for my tier 1 manually and this is where TBS is a really big helper. Having said that it also does a decent job when using auto-spin function.

The price is just $47/year, and you get tons of PLR articles and images as a bonus with your purchase. TBS receives continuously updates with many new features being added on a regular basis.

Side Note: Now is it the “BEST” spinner? Yes and No. If you are looking at price/functionality perspective than YES, TBS has the best value no doubt about that. On the other hand, some other spinning software are more powerful, but then those cost significantly more as well. (Sign Up)


wordai reviewWordAI is by far the most advanced spinning solutions available on the market. Its popularity has increased dramatically over the last year as more and more professional marketers use it to spin and rewrite content.

The software uses artificial intelligence to understand the concept of the article to make sure only proper synonyms are used. Besides understanding each word, it also recognizes how it interacts with other words in the sentence. It’s able to spin content on word, phrase, sentence and even paragraph levels. WordAI can also automatically create titles for articles based on its understanding of those articles and has support for English, French, Spanish and Italian languages.

Of course, a product of high quality like this also comes with a heftier price tag at $49.95/month or $347/year. It seems expensive, but if you pay for the whole year, the price becomes only $28.92/month. As you can see, the developer encourages people to pay for a year in advance.

Side Note: If you are just a newbie then, to be honest, WordAI might not be for you. When you pay so much money, you should know your plan of action. This software is perfect for those who need a lot of content for their money sites and backlinks. (Sign Up)

Spin Rewriter

spin rewriter reviewThis software gets advertised on favorite internet marketing blogs, forums and through ads. Is it all just hype or is it as powerful as it’s advertised?

Spin Rewriter does a pretty decent job rewriting and spinning articles. Spun content is reasonably readable although at times you might need to change a few things. The software can understand the meaning of words based on a given sentence and besides replacing synonyms of single words, it can also rewrite/restructure sentences and whole paragraphs.

The good news is that you can run Spin Rewriter on all operating systems – Windows, Linux and Mac. The software is fairly affordable and you can choose to pay $37 monthly, $77 yearly or get a lifetime subscription for a lump sum of $497. In my opinion the best deal is to pay yearly especially if you are on a tighter budget. (Sign Up)

Spinner Chief

spinner chief reviewI was quite impressed by its functionality and must say it does a great job spinning and re-writing content. In some ways it even exceeds the other similar products.

3 things differentiate this software from similar products (with the same prices). First, this software has a web version so you can run this product on any computer. Second, is supports over 20 languages. Third, you get Content Bomb software with your purchase that fully integrates into Spinner Chief. Content Bomb is a content scrapes and submitter that can post articles on articles directories, Blogger and WordPress blogs.

The software is packed with features and technologies. These technologies understand the meaning of words and sentences to create quality spins. It also has built-in spelling and grammar check, and a batch spin feature which helps in spinning a batch of hundreds or even thousands of articles at once!

There is also some great news about the price. You can get SpinnerChief for a onetime payment! No more monthly or yearly fees. There are 3 versions: free ($0), Elite ($127 one time payment) and Ultimate ($197 one time payment or $77/year). (Sign Up)

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Taking Your SEO To A New Level With FCS Networker And GSA Search Engine Ranker

GSA Search Engine Ranker ReviewAs I mentioned earlier in my comprehensive review of FCS Networker, I use it extensively in my SEO for creating high-quality Tier 1 links and managing my Private Blog Network. However, FCSN is not the only automated tool I use for links creation. My other secret weapon is GSA Search Engine Ranker.

Some of you probably heard of it, but for those who haven’t yet, GSA SER can create backlinks on 100s and even 1000s of sites built on over 500 popular open platforms (No other publicly available software can do this!). It builds links on:

  • article directories
  • social networking sites
  • web 2.0s
  • social bookmarking sites
  • document sharing sites
  • micro-blogging sites
  • video sharing sites
  • guest books
  • wikis
  • forums

Plus it can create links from comments, trackbacks, pingbacks and few other secret sources.

GSA SER has been created to compete with other famous IM backlinking software like Senuke XCR, Ultimate Demon, Magic Submitter and such. GSA can submit to many more different types of websites than all its competitors. But the best part is the price! You can get it for a one-time payment of just $99 while other software go for much higher – Senuke XCR $147/month, Ultimate Demon $47/month or $397, Magic Submitter $67/month.

There are few other ones that cost less but have a horrible success rate for creating accounts and links. That’s because many of those software don’t get updated, while creators of GSA SER update it on a regular basis.

Here is how the software works. It comes with some websites built into the system so you can start creating backlinks right away. First, you fill in all the information needed for the accounts (account information) and backlink creation (ex. article). The spin text is allowed in both to minimize any footprints. Then, you choose websites you want to build links on. Lastly, you click a button that will create accounts and create backlinks. At this point, you just sit back and watch GSA do all the work!

GSA has all options of other similar software like the support of spin text, proxy support, setting up for tiered linking, etc. plus added ability to submit to many more different platforms than its competitors and a low, one-time price, making it by far the best mass backlinking software on the market.

GSA Search Engine Ranker is perfect for diversifying your backlinking profile which is very important as I explained in my article here. I also use it for creating tier 2 and 3 links to index my tier 1 links and get more link juice.

Now lets me explain how I use GSA in combination with FCS Networker. As you read from my review, FCS Networker can only create accounts on sites that are built into the system. Although you cannot just scrape a bunch of web properties and create accounts with the FCSN, you can import accounts made on one of the following platforms (these platforms are supported by FCSN): PHPfox, Mediawiki, Elgg, Jcow, and Dolphin. What I do is I create accounts on these platforms using my good old GSA Ranker and import them into FCS Networker.

Why not just get GSA SER then? GSA is a great tool but it can’t build links on quality sites like FCS Networker. I like how easily I can stay organized with all my accounts using FCSN, so instead of using GSA to create backlinks, I use FCSN. By now I have a pretty robust network of sites in few niches which I update regularly and generate quality backlinks to.

I use GSA to create links on some high-quality websites that are not supported by FCS Networker but mainly I use it to build tier 2 and 3 backlinks and for creating accounts for FCS Networker.

GSA Search Engine Ranker has been a part of my arsenal for quite some time. The best part is that it’s a one-time payment of just $99. Ever since I combined its powers with FCS Networker, my Google rankings have been improving at a faster rate. Just remember to use this tool responsibly, DON’T SPAM! 😀


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