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How I Integrate FCS Networker Into My SEO Campaigns

FCS Networker (FCSN) is truly an amazing choice when it comes to SEO, not just the software itself but also all the helpful tools you get when you subscribe or purchase it.   I use it for backlinking my sites in all stages. As you can see in the post above, it’s very easy to create […]


The Most Important Things In Link Building

Link building post Penguin and Panda is a lot different from backlinking a few years ago. I remember ranking my first website number 1 with crappy links from forum profiles, forum posts, article spam, comment spam and links from hundreds of free blogging platforms. I also remember having my main keyword as the anchor text […]


2 Web 2.0 Backlinking Extremes

As discussed in this article, creating links from free blogging platforms is very easy. IMers use various strategies when building this type of links but in order to figure out a strategy that better fits your goals, we will look at two most common methods – Mass creation and Quality creation. Each method has its […]