Captcha Solving

captcha solvingCAPTCHA is a short test for the purpose of distinguishing robots from humans. Most of the websites supported by FCS Networker and GSA Search Engine Ranker use CAPTCHAs at the registration point.

FCSN account creator supports 5 different CAPTCHA solving solutions, and there are at least 3 main reasons to sign up right away:

1. It automates things. Make account creation process genuinely automated.

2. It saves time. Cut your account registration time by more than half.

3. It is cheap. Pay a fraction of a penny for 1 correctly solved CAPTCHA.

Top 3 Choices:

2chaptcha review2Captcha – this service uses 100% manual labor. It can solve even the most complicated types of CAPTCHAs that include pictures, patterns, matching games, etc. Almost 25% of website supported by FCS Networker use these kinds of CAPTCHAs. The average response time is 10 seconds which is a little slower due to use of manual labor. The average price is under $0.75 per 1000 CAPTCHAs making it one of the best deals on the market. If you want to automate the entire process, this service is a must! (Sign Up)

Death By CAPTCHA ReviewDeath By Captcha – this service uses advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) alongside manual labor. The average accuracy is 95% with average response times around 8 seconds. Packages start at $6.95 for 5,000 and go up to $139.00 for 100,000 correctly solved CAPTCHAs. If you plan on solving many CAPTCHAs every month, get higher discounts by signing up for GOLD membership which is $4.95/month. This service provides a great balance between accuracy, response time and price. (Sign Up)

captha sniper reviewCaptcha Sniper – this PC software works by intercepting calls made to popular CAPTCHA services, then solves those images using OCR technology. It supports well over 700 different types of CAPTCHA with many success rates of over 75%. The response times are insanely fast! The best part is that this software is a one-time investment of $97 so you won’t need to pay monthly for solving CAPTCHAs. This is a perfect solution for heavy users! (Buy)

Other 2 Alternatives:

decaptcher reviewDe-Captcher – this service is run wholly by OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Developers continuously work on creating more advanced forms of this technology to recognize all types of CAPTCHAs. This kind of technology reduces response times to a minimum. The price is $2 per 1000 CAPTCHAs with a minimum deposit of $10. (Sign Up)

bypass captcha reviewBypass Captcha – this is another service that uses manual labor to solve CAPTCHAs. One thing that sets this service apart is its focus on easy integration with 3rd party applications making it a perfect choice for developers. Packages start at $14 for 2,000 and go up to $630 for 100,000 CAPTCHAs. (Sign Up)