Backlink Indexing

backlink indexingIndexed links are those links that have been found by search engines. Non-indexed links are those links that search engine doesn’t know about yet. Before your backlinks get indexed, no matter how powerful, they will not boost your rankings! For any search engine: non-indexed link = non-existent link.

Depending on the quality of your links, some of them will get indexed naturally while others will need an extra “push.” Although there are some tactics to get links indexed, the best and the most efficient way is by using backlink indexing services. FCS Networker supports 4 such great services:

Instant Link Indexer

instant link indexer reviewInstant Link Indexer is one of the most talked about services today. Some links get indexed in minutes with a lot more to follow within next 24 hours. Over 80% of your links will be indexed after just 7 days. (This is also my top choice to use with GSA SER)

The service allows you to create unlimited campaigns, submit unlimited URLs and schedule links for up to 30 days ahead. You can also get a real-time progress report that shows how many backlinks have been processed and indexed.

Packages start with “Starter” that can process up to 500 links/day for $13.77/month. Altogether they offer 8 packages that go all the way up to 50,000 links/day for $47.77/month. If you need a bigger subscription, you can order a custom one to fit your needs. (Sign Up)

One Hour Indexing

one hour indexing reviewOne Hour Indexing is another popular service that has been recommended by many. About 15% of your links will get indexed within 1 hour and overall indexing rate of 80%

Using the services is very easy: gather your backlinks, submit them to the dashboard and that’s all! Everything else will be done automatically for you. The service features link drip feeding and timely link reports.

Packages start from $17/month for up to 1,000 backlinks/day and go all the way up to $497/month to process staggering 200,000 backlinks/day. Other subscriptions are $47 and $97 per month for 10,000 and 30,000 daily processed links. (Sign Up)

Express Indexer Solutions

express indexer reviewThere is a lot to love about this service with low prices, super results! It uses advanced pinging techniques and private blog network to get the job done. While you will see some of your link indexed within first few days, it will take up to 14-16 days to take full effect.

Using Express Indexer is very easy. Just submit your links into your account, and everything else will be taken care of. Two things make this service to stand out: no daily submission limits and cumulative credits.

The packages start with 15,000 links/month for $16.99/month and go all the way up to whopping 1,000,000 links/month for $48.99/month. Of course, if you need even more credits, you can always contact them to get a custom package made just for you. (Sign Up)

The Incredible Indexer

the incredible indexer reviewAt this moment it is unclear whether they are still in business or not.

The service is full of secrets, but at the end of the day, it does its job very well. With indexing rates at 50-60%, the service indexes many of your links as soon as they get processed.

Many indexing services use pinging and tiered linking to “make” Google and other search engines to notice your backlinks. The Incredible Indexer claims to use completely different methods of indexing links which don’t include building tiers.

The packages offered through the service are uniqueell. They start at $25/month for 100,000 links/day. That’s staggering 3 million links/month! The other option is 200,000 links/day for just $48/month.