FCS Networker Review – Recipe For Google #1


Let me start by saying that FCS Networker is a must-have tool for every SEO professional and there are at least 5 reasons why you need it if you are serious about ranking your site #1.


ONE – Build quality links to rank your websites and protect them from Google updates

TWO – Efficiently manage and grow your backlinking network

THREE – Easily manage and update your Private Blog Network (PBN)

FOUR – Save yourself time by letting the software to do all the annoying work of creating and updating accounts/profiles

FIVE – Save yourself money by significantly reducing your spendings on basic SEO services or letting your virtual assistant go (as in my case)


with an insight from own experiences… 2 main reasons I use it extensively in my SEO:


ONE – It is a big reason behind ranking my websites (how else do you think I ranked this one?). I use it for building and managing high quality links and my Private Blog Network.

TWO – It saves me at least 5 hours every day that I would spend on building these links manually or at least $500/month that I would spend on hiring somebody to do all the work.


Using FCSN For Achieving High Rankings And Avoiding Penalties


The software lets you build links on Web 2.0s, Social Networking Sites, Social Bookmarking Sites and Document Sharing Sites. Sounds like an average link building tool?


Not quite! One thing thfcs networker seoat completely sets it apart from its competitors are the websites that it can build backlinks on. It supports over 120 sites. You can see some of them HERE. No other automated software can create links on this many high PR, high quality and high traffic sites. FCSN is not just a backlink-building software, but equally important an effective SEO campaign management tool that keeps you more organized and super efficient.


It’s one of the very few backlinking software that lets you build safe tier 1 links. Besides, it gets constantly updated to include more sites and to make sure that the success rate for creating accounts and submitting your content is close to 100%.


The whole system comes in 2 parts. Part 1 is a computer-based account creator and Part 2 is a web-based submission tool. So, I divided my review into 2 parts as well – Video #1 will review the account creator and Video #2 will review the submission tool. With no further waste of time, click play button and watch my first video where I will be showing you all power of the account creator.


ATTENTION: Now FCS Networker can also create accounts on top PDF Sharing Sites and Social Bookmarking sites. I made this video before these features were added, however the process of creating accounts on those sites are the same as creating accounts on Web 2.0 Sites.




  • Compatible with proxies and CAPTCHA services
  • Creates accounts on top Web 2.0 Sites, PDF Sharing Sites and Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Able to create multiple accounts on each website in 1 run
  • Automatically creates and verifies emails
  • Automatically sends all created accounts to a web-based submission tool



  • Create your own usernames
  • Set delay for auto email verification to 300 (maximum)
  • Do account creation in 2 runs – first fully automatic, second semi-automatic
  • First run – use CAPTCHA service, set retry limits to 2, running thread 3-5, let the software do everything – it will create accounts on 85% of websites
  • Second run – do CAPTCHAs manually, set retry limits to 5, running thread to 1 – your success rate will go up to 95% plus
  • Some confirmation emails might go to junk folder, FCS Networker can’t confirm those, so after the whole process is over, head over to the email account and confirm emails that haven’t been confirmed


This account creator alone is worth all the money, but wait until you see all options that web-based submission tool has to offer. Click on play button and watch me go through all options of the submission tool. Already convinced? Then get it HERE right now.



I forgot to mention in the video that after the submission is done,  you can download full report in Projects – Projects Statistics.



  • Organize your blogs by category
  • Various ways to get content ready for the submission
  • Ability to insert images and videos to your content automatically
  • Various linking options
  • Drip feeding option
  • Over 70 SEO tools to help you
  • Access to private SEO forum


There are no best practices when it comes to submission. Options you choose will depend on whether you are building tier 1 or tier 2 or 3 links. The basic guideline is if you are creating quality links for tier 1 then get original articles or have an article manually spun, add blurbs, insert images and videos, have links inserted within the article and have your submissions drip-fed at a steady rate. If you are creating tier 2 or 3 links you can lower the standards for each of the above. You can see each option in detail on official FCS Networker tutorial page.


In conclusion I just want to say thanks to the creators of FCS Networker. The tool is awesome and I use it extensively in my backlinking campaigns! My sites rankings have been going up because now I can drip feed high quality links on daily basis. It also freed up a lot of my time which I use to do other types of backlinking.


You can get a copy of FCS Networker HERE and test drive it for 7 days to see how it performs. If you buy through my link, you can lock in your subscription at a lower price which means you will pay less each month ($27 vs $34 & $39 vs $54). If you decide to buy it for a one-time payment you will also get it at a good discounted price ($349 vs $399 & $599 vs $699). No coupon code needed, the prices are automatically reduced. You will also receive my exclusive bonus package with the purchase of the software.



How I Integrate FCS Networker Into My SEO Campaigns

FCS Networker (FCSN) is truly an amazing choice when it comes to SEO, not just the software itself but also all the helpful tools you get when you subscribe or purchase it.


I use it for backlinking my sites in all stages. As you can see in the post above, it’s very easy to create accounts and to submit your content with backlinks embedded in the articles.


As I mentioned above, these links are great in all stages of backlinking because they come from high quality websites. Let me explain to you exactly how I use FCS Networker.


I usually set up my sites and wait at least 2-3 weeks before starting building backlinks. I start very slow, to imitate the natural process. If I’m using FCSN on one of my established sites for ranking new pages I start backlinking within 2-3 days after their creation. Either way the process is very similar.


Using the account creation part of the tool I create 2-5 sets of accounts on each of the websites (my video #1 shows how easy it is to create multiple accounts). For content, I usually order 3-5 500 word article for each set of accounts and then I spin them on paragraph, sentence and word levels. So, if I create 3 sets of accounts I would order 9-15 articles etc. After my articles are done, I simply put them into the submitter and let them drip feed for about 30 days. Besides sending links just to the main page, I also send links to internal pages to make it look more natural.


So, for next 30 days I’m certain that I’m getting high quality links build to my site every single day. After 30 days, depending on where my site is standing, I create 1+ sets of accounts and so on. Imagine how much time it saves me every month!


Besides using FCS Networker I also build manual links and use other high quality drip feeding services to make sure that I get high quality backlinks every single day. This is exactly what Google wants and with the use of this tool, you will save a lot of time!


Because all your login information stays within the software, it becomes very easy to update your blogs. It’s a very good idea to have your blogs updates once in awhile, so I usually update them once every 1-2 month. I usually write a 300 word article related to the topic and spin it. Then, I just put it into the software and have it post the article on all blogs. These updates will minimize the chance of the blog getting deleted.


Besides creating simple blogs I also use FCSN to manage my very high quality blogs and my PBN. For blogs, I usually create 2-3 of those for each of my money sites and update them regularly with quality original articles. I also manage my private network of sites with it. The software memorizes all login details making it much easier to update my PBN and build links.


Other benefits of being an owner of FCSN is the fact that you get an access to over 70 tools including backlinking tools, keyword tools, analytical tools and many miscellaneous tools that become very handy at times. Among these tools are some very useful ones like Guest Posting tool that finds blogs that accept guest posts, Plagiarism checker tool and Anchor text generator tool. You also get an access to the SEO forum that has some really cool stuff in it.


As you can see, there are a lot of benefits of being an owner of FCS Networker. You can get a monthly subscription or own it for a onetime payment. Both of these options include a 7-day free trial so there is virtually no risk for you.


QUICK UPDATE: Now I also create accounts on PDF Sharing and Social Bookmarking sites. Everything said above, I apply to these sites as well – quality content, regular updates on some of them.


Main Features And Customer Feedback

FCS Networker is more than just a link building tool. Besides building links on high PR, high traffic websites it allows you to get targeted traffic right to your money site. It’s one of the most powerful ways to keep your promotional efforts in one place under full control. The best thing is that it constantly gets updated to make sure you get maximum success rate. Let’s take a quick look at what it can do for you.


account creator

  • Supports CAPTCHA services and proxies
  • Creates new email addresses on Outlook
  • Create accounts on Blogging, PDF Sharing and Social Bookmarking sites
  • Creates one or multiple sets of accounts on each website
  • Verifies all emails
  • Imports created accounts to web based submission tool

content submission

  • 17,000 to 40,000 submissions per month
  • 1 day blast or drip feed
  • Advanced management system for accounts, articles and links
  • Auto-login option to automatically login into your accounts
  • Automatic insertion of pictures and videos into articles
  • Support for spun content
  • Easy import options for accounts made with other link building software
  • Support for other platforms including JCow, Elgg, Dolphin, WordPress, Mediawiki, PHPFox etc.
  • Over 70 backlinking and analytical tools


  • In-depth tutorials on how to use the software
  • Private forum with awesome SEO information (Lifetime access)
  • Great support from developers


Many internet marketers have jumped on this and there are many testimonials that praise FCS Networker. Take a look at what some of your fellow marketers have to say:




Welcome To FCS Networker Review!

FCS Networker is a software that lets you distribute your promotional content through trusted Web 2.0s, Social Networking, PDF Sharing and Social Bookmarking Sites with full control over campaigns. It gives the ability to create unlimited backlinks from sites that people and Google care about, and generate targeted traffic to your money site.


On this site you will find lots of information about FCS Networker and SEO. I will show you how to use the software, discuss best practices and give you my insights on the state of SEO today.


For now, bookmark this page and come back soon to check out my full review, receive special pricing and bonuses!


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